सुचना, समाचार र मनोरन्जन

It’s my fault to be a street Children?  


-Praniti Mulmi

Street Children is not a new phenomenon here in our Nepal. We see them as homeless, poor, who work and sleep in the streets and I truly agree with this statement. But we also live in a country with a saying “children are gifts of god”. We come to this earth and happen to have a family like everyone else but due to circumstances we end up in the streets. 

When I look at you I miss my family too. Quite some of us sadly don’t even know where they are or even who they are sometimes. I wish to have what you have. I’m burdened by the question of why me ? Yes, I act weird in public spaces, disturb you, sometimes I misbehave as well but inside I’m hurting myself. But why do I ? The reason behind all my irrational behaviors could be me wanting some company, some friendship, some attention. You get to grow in a happy family, spending life with your loved ones but I’m here all by myself. Fighting to survive on a daily basis. 

I do have friends on the street with similar stories and we enjoy the least we have with each other. A lot of you happen to walk around with good food in your hands, I salivate when I see those food and my stomach growls with hunger. The leftovers you throw away is what I grab and compile a meal for myself and my friends. This isn’t how our normal days are. We have to spend most of our time not eating or drinking anything. For those days we have our friendly old glue that we sniff. We depend on it for our dear life. It helps us go through hunger, through the cold winter and we just get used to it and addicted to it. 

Some people have a very negative perspective towards us which leads to us being discriminated against in public. Despite our wrong doings we are just children with heart so it sometimes hurts us to be treated the way we are by some of you. But like the light at the end of the tunnel we come across some people with helping hands and enormous hearts. Most of the INGOs, NGOs, social workers and government offices related towards social development do help us with lots of love and care. Some homes also provide us with education and our basic requirements without any hesitation. We are always thankful to those people who really help us

According to the Constitution 2073:39; Right of children: You, me and all children have equal rights. The Government of Nepal endorsed a new Children’s Act 2075, paving the way to respect, protect and fulfil the rights of children in Nepal. 

Every child has their  own uniqueness. Therefore, there is also a saying that “the children of today are the future of tomorrow”. With this powerful statement comes the responsibility to mold and reshape every child in order to create the best possible future for everyone. Our request for you all would be to be the responsible human, follow and show some humanity and equality to every child not just for those who are yours.  Thus, every child has a right to live freely and has the right to get the respect and protection they deserve. Don’t hate street children in fact protect us and show us some love and care.